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Saturday 13 July 2024
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Data Protection:   Our membership records, including name, address, email, telephone and subscriptions and donations, are held and processed in a secure computer database in the UK which is fully GDPR compliant. The data are under the control of the webmaster and accessed/updated by key FoBP personnel via a secure encrypted connection.
We normally communicate with members by email but may ring or text on urgent matters. Newsletters are usually hand-delivered or posted.
Any member who objects to their personal data being used should inform the membership secretary at
We will not share or release your data except under legal compulsion, however the US and UK Governments routinely spy on such data claiming this is legal - by their definition every citizen is a terrorist. If you object to this, complain to your MP.

Cookies: We do not put cookies on your device unless you login as a member. If you do this we use an essential cookie to keep your login details - this means you don't have to login again every time you navigate to a new page. This cookie is deleted as soon as you close your browser.